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Thursday, 06 November 2014 11:00

Tips and inspiration

Tips and inspiration

For a long time now I have been a keen advocate for eating clean and creating loads of delicious recipes from wholesome ingredients. I've come to the conclusion that there is no excuse for not taking a little bit of time to create your own meals, snacks and goodies so that you and your family can benefit from it. I know many will say 'I don't have time' or it's 'too hard' or 'I can't cook' but it really isn't that difficult once you set your mind to it and organise yourself. Organisation and preparation is the key, there's no doubt about it, and once you get started you'll be hooked and proud of what you can achieve.

Firstly try to always have staples in your pantry.

My list is quite lengthy but here we go! Rice malt syrup, stevia, nut butter, coconut oil, cream and butter (I show you how to make this! Yummy!☺),a range of seeds, nuts and dried fruit, pumpkin puree and apple puree (home-made of course and kept in the freezer!), adzuki beans and black beans (pre-soaked, boiled and kept in the freezer), vanilla powder, sea salt, cinnamon, cacao, chia,a range of grains and flours, organic butter, good quality olive oil spinach, garlic, carrots and avocados. This is only a few of my 'must haves' which may not suit everybody, it's something that you need to tailor to your needs and what you like to use. Once you have your list and the items on hand it makes it a lot easier for you to whip something up rather than say 'I don't have the stuff, so I'll just buy it'. What you need to take into account when 'just buying it' is the inferior products that a lot of manufactures use as well as all the added nasties that they add into it. Do you ever stop to wonder why that packet of chips or those pre packed pizza bases are able to last for months on end on a supermarket shelf? If you don't you should because manufacturers sneak in loads of nasty additives that you really should not be and don't need to be consuming into their products. You should make yourself aware and read the labels on the products to know what you're really eating! (I'll write about that soon!)

My philosophy is simple.

'Maximise the nutrient content of whatever you stick in your mouth and mix it up with loads of different wholefoods'

This means that you don't need to miss out on the yummy things like cakes, chocolate and burgers just 'pimp' them up or supercharge them! For example use rapadura sugar instead of regular sugar as it still contains many the vitamins and minerals or use rice malt syrup to avoid the fructose. Eat 70 to 90% cacao chocolate or even better make your own. Make burgers from Quinoa and mushrooms, chick peas and herbs and spices or lean meat and vegies! Chuck in a handful of cacao nibs when making energy balls or brownies! Whack in some flax or chia seeds into your yoghurt or baked goods! Obviously you still need to eat the yummy things in moderation but it steps it up from what I call the 'naughty' versions. You can do whatever you want just get creative and invent something new and exciting. It doesn't work all the time and you may have a few disasters to start with (god knows I did! ☺) but soon you will know what works and what doesn't. Eat a wide variety of wholefoods by having brown rice one week and freekeh the next or wholemeal pasta and black bean pasta the next. There is an abundance of variations that you could have from day to day and week to week you just need to be made aware of what choices are out there and to be adventurous. Wholesome Wholefoods will have a broad range of goodies for you to buy and try so that you can experiment.

Good luck experimenting and I'd love to hear how you go.

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